Sunshine Ambassadors


  • Do you have a child, young or older, who loves to dance, but has a hard time keeping up with typical students in standard dance classes?
  • Are you a parent and want a special activity for your child who has a unique condition that doesn’t fit any of the molds of your community
  • Does your child (young or older) have challenges with social skills?
  • Are you a self-advocate who wants to help other people with disabilities through the use of dance?
  • Are you a typically developed youth or adult that wants to make a difference in your community?

With time and practice, Sunshine Ambassadors may be just for you or someone you love!

Read on to find out how Sunshine Ambassadors can be a great resource in your community… No matter where you live! We started with one location in East Tennessee, and now we have eleven classes, spanning three states!!! Will YOUR community be next? It is up to YOU!