Sunshine Ambassadors, Inc. is a 501-c-3 public charity whose mission is to enrich the lives of individuals with disabilities through dance, utilizing both structured classes and public performances.

We emphasize "progression" for individuals and the group, rather than "perfection" of either.  Progression for one dancer may be learning to follow directions and to stay focused; another dancer may learn the joy of being active; one may improve in gross motor skills, while another may learn to work together in a group setting.

All dancers learn to adapt to varied performance situations.  Additional enrichment comes in the form of numerous performance opportunities. Confidence and pride in one's accomplishments are the results, plus the public is enlightened as they realize these dancers can exceed common expectations.

When and Where
Find the class that is the most convenient for you. Also attend one out many performances in various locations. Free to attend and free to visit.
Money Matters
To run such a program like this costs money but we have set up our program to allow all to participate without requiring any monthly dues or fees. 
Arts Commission
The Tennessee Arts Commission consists of 15 members broadly representative of all fields of the performing, visual or literary arts. In making the appointments, diversity is a priority.